10 Hacks to Step Up the Fun in Water Sports

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So you love playing in waters? Thrilling water sports give you an adrenaline rush? Does the thought of vacation makes you plan about the hottest spots of exciting water sports? Well, in that case, this is going to be an interesting read for you. We will be talking about ten quick hacks that are going to make your time in waters more exciting.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in to explore more.

1. Give Your Fists Some Breathing Space

Do you hold the handle way too strong while skiing or riding? Well, it happens out of excitement, we agree. But, doing this mostly end up hurting your hands and palms. With sore and tired hands you are surely not going to have fun in waters for long.

Why not lose you just let the clutch a little lose and try to hold the handle more in your fingertips, instead of your palm? Trust us, that’s going to give you the best experience ever. This will relieve unnecessary pressure from your hands and you can ski for long.

Step Up the Fun with Water Sports
Step Up the Fun with Water Sports

2. Fun on Feet                                   

Consider your front foot as the gas pedal, and the back foot as brake, while surfing. So, technically, you speed up on putting pressure on your front foot and slow down when the pressure is on the back foot. Follow this as a religion while surfing. Amateurs tend to lose control on their speed often.

So, start making micro movements, next time when you will be on water making fun. This way, you can actually have the fun of skiing instead of just rushing towards the boat.

3. Keep Arms Planted

Be gentle when you are on water. Put the arms on armrest fully planted while driving your boat. Keep your hands on the throttle. It will help you stay grounded and controlled while having full fledged fun.

Instead of abrupt moves, it will get you smooth ride from start to finish.

4. Boot it right

Put your riding boots right. Position it in such a way that your toes are facing the back of the boat, instead of heels. Heels tend to get the most pressure and you will feel the pain. So get it right and loosen your bindings to have fun and thrill at the same time.

5. Lean your Body

Lean your body throughout. Many people tend to change their position as they hit the wake, but this actually loosen the support of the rope. To keep the momentum stable, keeping your body in leanings position will help.

6. Stand Upright

This is extremely important. Stay straight while skiing. You may be having a little bend on our knees, but keep your hips and chest up. Amateurs and beginners tend to drop low, but that’s not the right thing as far as the safety is concerned. If you are bent and something happens, you still have some breathing space.

7. Roll it tight

Enjoy Water Sports with Right Moves
Enjoy Water Sports with Right Moves

A knotty rope is a source of problem. Then, why not just get rid of it. Try using small rolls not more than 15 inches in diameter. By doing this, you can seamlessly coil up the rope instead of getting it tangled.

8. Keep Your Eyes Up

If you are the one who loves looking sidewise while skiing, it’s time to change your habit. Sometimes, its fine to look down, but you must have an idea of what’s in front of you. It’s just like the way you ride your bike. You keep a tab on what’s going on in the road in front of you. Similarly, keep an eye in front of the water to see what lies ahead.

9. A Big Board is the Right Board

Worried what kind of surfing board is ideal? Well, a big one. It’s neither heavy nor it’s hard to surf with big stuff. Instead it makes things easier. It gives you a bigger platform to stand while you are on water.

10. Slow but Steady Wins the Race

Don’t rush to learn things quickly. Go slow. Work on newly acquired skills and try to master the art with your boat hitting just one wake at a time. Learning process is the time, where you gain the maximum exposure. Make the most of each and every phase.

Watersports are real fun, but only when you know the right kind of tricks to master the art. So, don’t just wait time anymore. Get ready to dive in.

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