7 Best Locations For Scuba Diving

If you are planning for a diving vacation, then you have a lot of options. Out of all the vacation places, ten best underwater diving locations are brought down on a list, which is really amazing and adorable. These spots will not only give you a fantastic diving experience but will also stun you with their extensive marine ecosystem. In this article, you will know about seven different places in the world famous for underwater diving.

1. Barracuda Point Underwater Diving In Malaysia

Seven Best Locations For Underground Diving
Seven Best Locations For Underground Diving

This point in Malaysia is well known for the sharks and the coral walls. Divers from all across the world come to this spot to experience underwater diving and marine life. It also has turtles, jacks, grouper, white tips, barracuda, and parrotfish. It is evident that barracudas are in large number and hence this point got its name.

2. Blue Corner Wall In Micronesia

It is an amazing wall diving spot with wild marine life like barracudas, sharks, napoleon wrasse, and eagle rays. Apart from the fishes, there is a big wall full of corals. These corals include nudibranchs, mantis, and morays.

3. The Yongala Underwater Diving In Australia

Yongala is a sunken ship and is little away from Queensland’s coast. When you go for underwater diving in Yongala, you are going to experience a beautiful but dangerous marine life. The marine life includes sea snakes, turtles, octopuses, tiger sharks, manta rays, and bull sharks.

4. Thistlegorm In the Egyptian Red Sea

Seven Best Locations For Underground Diving
Seven Best Locations For Underground Diving

Thistlegorm is also a sunken ship of British. This ship has undergone an attack in 1941 from the air, and it got wrecked. It is an excellent place for divers to explore British history. The current in the sea is more in this location, and only professional divers can withstand the current.

5. Yolanda And Shark Reef In The Egyptian Red Sea

This place contains three underwater diving spots in one location, the shark reef, Yolanda, and anemone city. The current here is more, which makes it easy for the divers for fast drift. You will start diving from the anemone city and move towards Shark Reef. You will end your diving on the sunken ship of Yolanda.

6. Manta Ray Dive In Hawaii

There are underground lights in this location to attract planktons and planktons bring in a troop of manta rays. This dive is done mostly at night times. You can get an opportunity to see Manta ray up close. Manta rays are amongst the other beautiful animals of the world. 

7. USAT Liberty Underwater Diving In Indonesia

It is a wreck, mostly preferable by the photographers because of the gorgonians, corals, and anemone. The hawksbill turtles here grab the attention of the divers. Some other beautiful marine life includes Ornate Pipefish and Scorpionfish. It is a wreck spot, but the divers come here to experience sea life more.

These are the seven best underwater diving locations throughout the world. Adventurous divers seek places of this kind to make their dive memorable. It is a dream for every professional diver to experience beautiful marine life and unfold the hidden secrets underwater.

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