A Breath-Taking Experience Underwater Diving

underwater diving

Underwater diving is an activity where a person uses a special breathing gas mix of compressed air or other gas mixture to breathe underwater. Scuba (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is one type of equipment that lets people explore the beauty and wonders of the underwater world extending beyond normal breath-hold time. It provides freedom and independence for divers to go deeper, longer, further than ever before.

Reasons to try Underwater Diving

Underwater Diving

Underwater Diving is one of the most popular adventure sports in the world today. Millions of people around the globe enjoy underwater diving as either a professional career or a hobby / recreational sport. underwater diving offers great experience and satisfaction due to several reasons: Adventure – underwater diving allows you to discover a beautiful underwater world where only the brave have gone before. Exhilarating, adventurous, and exciting! Single travelers can experience new adventures in their life.

Health Benefits – Underwater diving is full of health benefits due to the high oxygen level inhaled during diving. In fact, Underwater diving has been proven to be beneficial in treating or preventing many medical conditions such as Heart Disease, Arthritis, and the common cold. Taking that into consideration, we believe that underwater diving is one of the best aerobic exercises available on this planet today and thus should not be missed by anyone who wants to stay healthy and fit!

Self Confidence Boosting – Underwater divers gain confidence when they overcome their fears and achieve underwater diving goals such as completing a course, going on a deep dive, or becoming scuba certified.

Personal Growth – Scuba divers must complete several pre-dive briefings prior to the actual dive so they can learn all aspects of underwater diving. You learn how your equipment works and functions underwater. Learning these skills helps develop self-reliance and enhances personal growth and confidence among many other benefits (see above).

watersports – Depending on where you live, there are some fantastic places to enjoy underwater diving around the world that offer unique activities such as surfing, sea kayaking, snorkeling, etc… And if adrenaline is your thing, don’t forget about freediving/spearfishing (a great reason to be careful!)

To Start Underwater Diving

Underwater Diving

To become a certified diver, you must complete several steps. It’s very important that you are confident in your physical ability to participate in underwater diving. Your instructor is an expert on this matter and will determine if you’re physically able to partake in underwater diving activities prior to signing up for any course. Once approved, there are four basic courses that one needs to take if they wish to become a certified diver:

1) Discover Underwater Diving – Do my discovery dive with club instructors before I can join the club? Yes – We offer introductory dives at our beach facility during weekends only (see schedule). At least one person per group must have Open Water Diver certification for the group leader to lead the dive.

2) Open Water Diver – This is where you learn all about underwater diving and how to be a safe diver. Taught over three days, or five weekends this course consists of classroom sessions and pool training. You will have six open water dives which are conducted at our local reefs. After successfully completing this course, you will become a certified diver.

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