Beginners Path To Becoming A Dive Master.

Diving courses are taken to learn Scuba diving professionally or to become a diving instructor. The courses range from a beginners course to the rank of a dive master. Every level is a certification course. To upgrade to the next rank, you need to pass the certification of the previous one. The goals of each course need fulfillment before proceeding to the next level.

On the path of becoming a dive master, there are many courses from beginners to the professional level. In this article, you will know the entire step-by-step course to become a dive master.

Path To Becoming A Dive Master, Starting From The Beginning
Path To Becoming A Dive Master, Starting From The Beginning

1. Novice Diver

This course can start with a student who is at least ten years old and medically fit. This beginner’s course can last for three days or 6 weeks, depending upon the student’s performance. After successful completion of this course, the student will be able to dive 60 feet underwater effortlessly. It is not permissible for the students with Novice rank to go swimming alone without a guide.

2. AOW Diver

AOW (Advanced Open Water) course allows the divers to take part in deep dives up to 100 feet. The students here learn about underwater navigation. Some divers take gap after achieving Novice rank. It is advisable to continue with the AOW course for learning better skills. In today’s date, many agencies have novice and AOW course altogether.

It is possible for you to frighten and feel anxiety even after the training. It will overcome with time and practice. Students should have a novice certification to undergo AOW course and must be at least 12 years of age to avoid any lack of confidence.

3. Rescue Diver Master

Path To Becoming A Dive Master, Starting From The Beginning
Path To Becoming A Dive Master, Starting From The Beginning

On the road to become a dive master, this is the third rank course. This course requires a student of at least 12 years old. The divers undergo first aid and CPR training as it is part of the course.  The previous two courses train the divers to be skillful in their diving, whereas rescue diving course teaches safety and well-being.  This course provides training to help other divers who are in need.

For a rescue course certification, a diver will require to spend more time in the water. The judgment is done tight in this certification course. AOW course demands nine proper dives to pass the certification. Rescue course is challenging as it focuses on creating situational awareness.

4. Dive Master

Dive Master Course is the first step of a professional course. To avail of this certification, you need to be 18 years or older. You must also have the rescue diver certification. Dive master certification enables the divers to assist the trainee divers and become instructors.  A dive master can also be a coach to beginner divers seeking certification courses.

You need to be strong in your previous courses and practice the dives well before jumping into this course. It is more than just a ranking as you will need extra motivation because a dive master course is tough. Here you need to work cooperatively with other divers and guide the learners also.

These are the step-by-step courses to become a successful dive master, and if you wish to become one, then you need to suit up as it is a long way.

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