Best Locations for Deep Scuba Diving

deep scuba diving

Of course, it is a lifetime experience, to see the inside of a sea with all its colourful fishes waddling away, the beauty of the coral reef and what not! India, as magnificent as it is, is a land of huge extremes. While on one side we have the great desert in the west, where it hardly rains at all, on the other hand, we have the North Eastern region of the country where it rains around the year. In the North, we have the mighty Himalayas, while the South region is surrounded on three sides by water. As a result, much like the Indian culture, India offers a plethora of adventure sports like trekking, bungee jumping, scuba diving, rafting, parasailing, wind rafting etc. This blog will be about scuba diving, one of the most loved adventure sports for those adrenaline junkies. 

1. Havelock Islands (Andaman and Nicobar Islands)

Scuba Diving

Andaman is one of the amazing creations of the Almighty. Situated right in the middle of the Indian Ocean and Bay of Bengal, this archipelago has a number of stunningly beautiful beaches and scuba diving spots, Havelock Islands being one of the most popular. Located about 50 km away from Port Blair, the island has a wide range of exotic marine life like Humpback Parrotfish, Lionfish, soft corals, The rare dugongs and schools of colourful fishes. To get there, one can fetch a ferry from Port Blair which would take about 2.5 hours. There are many interesting sites upon reaching there like there is The Wall, Lighthouse, Aquarium, and Mac Point etc each with its own unique features. The hotels and resorts are also pretty good- affordable and up to the mark.  And yes, do not forget to take basic necessities with you ?like sunscreens, lotions, etc. because these things are not available there. Although the place has ATM’s it might just be a little more advisable to take some hard cash with you.

Best Time to Visit

Scuba Diving

The place is at its best during the months between Octobers and April, so that might just be the time to visit it otherwise the currents are simply too high and also there is a factor of monsoons

2. Neil Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Neil Islands is another part of Andaman which is just as beautiful albeit with less hustle and bustle that surrounds the Havelock islands. It is a tiny island but a really beautiful one with its yet unexplored beaches, great scuba diving spots. The coral reef here is quite untouched by external factors and hence retains its beauty owing to the rich variety of marine life. There are great beach spots like the Jetty area, Margherita’s Mischief and Laxmanpur Beach 

Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit this place would be between December and May, again due to the rough sea in the rest of the year and also due to monsoons.

3. Port Blair, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The capital city of the Union Territory has some amazing places to go to for scuba diving. The Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park in Wandoor is one of a unique place reserved to protect the marine flora and fauna. It is surely a one- of-the- kind place in the country. Brace yourself to see some of the most beautiful sea flowers and about 50 different kinds of corals including Fungia, Pocillopora, Clown fishLeptoseris etc. You will also Clownfish,Butterflyfish, Parrot fish etc.

Best Time To Visit

The best time to go there is between December and April due to the calm seas during that time.

4. North Point, Cinque Island, Andaman & Nicobar Islands

Another beauty of the Andaman and Nicobar islands, this spot has one of the clearest waters in the world. With clarity up to 80 feet, this place makes for one of the most amazing scuba diving places. With a variety of corals, sponges and a rich diversity of colorful and vivid marine life, this makes a wonderful visit. The place has a variety of amazing black corals and also ferocious sharks. After reaching Port Blair, one can go to Cinque Island by a chartered boat.

Best Time To Visit

The best of the place is experienced between December and May because the sea is most calm during that time.

These are some of the best destinations for deep scuba diving.

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