Cave Diving: Why Do People Go For It ? Is It Fun or Not?

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Cave Diving is not for the weak-hearted. People who look for thrill and can push their limits, go for Cave Diving. Cave Diving is diving in such a sea environment where there is no access to light. The caves and the flora haven’t seen any light of the day.

Why Do People Go For Cave Diving ? Is It Fun or Not?
Why Do People Go For Cave Diving? Is It Fun or Not?

Cave Diving Forums

There is Cave Diving and Cavern. In Cavern, the obstacles may be the same as Cave Diving, but the area is sunlit. It makes diving pleasant. Cavern happens on the edge of the cave. Once inside the cave, there is no access to light. It is dark. Such a thing technique is called Cave Diving. Cave divers can go as far as 130 linear miles, where there is no absolute light for which the visibility becomes almost nil. All around the world, there are around 80 people who can go for the adventure. Various stages have to be cleared before a person can become a cave diver. He has to be an experienced diver before he plunges into the dive. Their aperture is also different.

Why Do People Go For Cave Diving ? Is It Fun or Not?Why Do People Go For Cave Diving ? Is It Fun or Not?
Why Do People Go For Cave Diving? Is It Fun or Not?

The Risks

The types of equipment that a diver needs are more complex in cave diving than in cavern diving. However, there are terms that divers use while describing the water conditions. Spring dives are conditions where the water is clear and flowing. Even though the visibility is less, a diver is comfortable in such dives. During Sump Dives, the diver has to squeeze his way in small cave pockets. The visibility is very low. The success of this dive depends highly on the expertise and judgment of the diver. One example of Sump Dive is the recent rescue operation of the Wild Boars Soccer Team from the Tham Luang caves in Thailand. Thereafter, The Sump Dives Program has become a compulsory exam in the Thai Navy Institute.

It has its own set of risks. No matter how much experience one may have, a diver should be headstrong to indulge in cave diving. He should be able to handle the highest levels of stress. He should have strong judgment. The right decisions taken at the right time can save his life. The dive requires a wet suit at all times. however, the diver does not wear gloves. This is because when there is zero visibility, a diver needs to feel his surroundings by the touch of his hands. sometimes, during Sump Diving, a diver may not know which side is downward. But it does not matter as long as he knows his exit route. therefore, the reel is very important.

The reel is a guiding thread that goes inside the cave before a diver goes inside. It is the guiding strategy that guides the diver back to the surface. There may be times when the diver exhausts his oxygen supply. He should know what to do when this happens. The aperture is carefully picked so that the diver does not get entangled in it.

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