Cleaning and Storing an Old Deep Sea Diving Helmet

old deep sea diving helmet

When your old deep sea diving helmet falls apart or gets damaged somehow, you may not have much choice but to discard it. It’s not cheap to buy a new one for scuba divers of all levels. Even if your old helmet is still serviceable, it’s better to just sell it and find a new helmet that’s more reliable. You need to protect the rest of your body too from the harsh salt water conditions, which can really cause damage to your skin and your breathing equipment. If you really want to keep your old helmet, here are some of the tips that will help you with that:

An Overview

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* If you don’t know how to put the old deep sea diving helmet back together, make sure that you practice first. There’s nothing like getting a good feeling from diving knowing that you’ve successfully overcome a problem. Test the helmet first, be sure that everything fits and is working correctly before you try it out on the real thing. If you’re in doubt about your ability to put the helmet back together, get an old diving helmet that you no longer use and/or don’t have a bunch of pictures on.

* Carefully inspect your old deep sea diving helmet before storing it. Any dive shop should sell diving helmets that are kept dry. This includes any of the spare parts such as shells, caps, lenses and so on. Scrub the helmet off completely and wash it thoroughly, but avoid washing it in the water. A little alcohol or silicone spray might do the trick.

Cleaning And Storing Old Deep Sea Diving Helmet

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* Be careful when putting your old deep sea diving helmet into storage. If it’s a hard case, make sure that you seal it up with plastic wrap and then store it using a soft bag. Plastic wrapping and soft cloths will both keep small things (such as pebbles) from scratching the exterior. Before you put it inside any container, carefully read the instructions for the container. Some items, like rubber or plastic nose plugs, can warp if stored in a tough environment, so always keep them in the proper container.

* Try not to let your old diving helmet dry out too much, as this could damage its retinas. You’ll also want to avoid letting the old diving helmet sit in the sun, as this could lead to fading and cracking of the paint. Just like any other metal pieces, metals will slowly turn rusty when they are exposed to too much sunlight.

* It’s a good idea to keep your old deep sea diving helmet clean and properly maintained, but sometimes that can be difficult. If you’ve been looking for that one perfect piece of equipment to complete your collection, chances are that you’ve found it already! But there’s no reason to throw it away just yet-it can still be enjoyed to its full potential. All you need to do is wipe off any mineral stains, wash it with a mild soap solution, and leave it to dry naturally.

* When you’re done washing your helmet, make sure to keep it in a cool, dry place. A sunny spot might cause the helmet to fade. If you plan on storing it, you should keep it somewhere where it won’t accidentally get wet, which would ruin the cleaning process.

In The End

* You can even hang your old deep sea diving helmet on a hook somewhere if it will fit. For safety’s sake however, it’s probably best to leave it on the ocean floor. After all, you never know when the next tragic incident will occur! Scuba divers risk their lives every single day, and many of them never see the ocean because they are so focused on searching for fish. Don’t be one of them!

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