Complete Guide To Buying Your First Underwater Diving Suit

Underwater Diving Suit

For beginners, it is difficult to shop for their first underwater diving suit, as there are several brands and styles available. Different divers have various needs for the suit. However, one thing is common; every diver looks for comfort and perfect fit. So, when you buy your diving suit, it is important to remember the type of environment in which you are diving. 

Underwater Diving Suit: Exposure Suits

As you need protection when diving underwater, exposure suits are the best. There are three types of them: skin or dive suit, dry suit, and wet suit. 

Different Types Of Underwater Diving Suit
Different Types Of Underwater Diving Suit

Dive Suit

Dive or skinsuits are one-piece bodysuits. They are designed with lycra and protects from stings, cuts, and scars while enjoying underwater activities. 


These are waterproof bodysuits. Therefore, they will keep you dry when you are diving. It is perfect to wear when diving in cold water because it’s fully sealed. Hence, it traps air inside and keeps you warm throughout the activity. To add more warmth, you can wear thermal layers under the drysuits. 

Wet Underwater Diving Suit

Wet suits are made of neoprene. Divers wear it to keep themselves warm, and it also protects them from injuries. Furthermore, it traps a thin layer of water between the diver’s body and the suit. Therefore, the body heats this layer that prevents the loss of heat. The material of the suit traps the tiny bubbles of air, which provides insulation. So, if you want your wet suit to function effectively, it is important that it should perfectly fit your body. 

Underwater Diving Suit: Diving Masks And Fins

The underwater diving suit also consists of a diving mask and diving fins. Everyone knows that human eyes are not for underwater activities. Hence, masks are essential to protect your eyes from it.

Underwater Diving Suit For Safety
Underwater Diving Suit For Safety


Masks should perfectly and comfortably fit on your face. It is important that the skirting is made of soft silicones, which can adjust itself according to your face. Thus, you can choose a mask that has a clear and opaque skirt. When you are diving in low light, or in the case of claustrophobic divers, the clear mask is ideal. It allows the entrance of more light in the mask. However, the opaque skirt is the best when you are diving in bright conditions because it blocks reflective lights. Also, the mask of low profile and low volume is the best.


Water is of high density than air, so you need more force to pull yourself up. The fins will thus help you to move in water easily. You can get them in your desired size, and color, as well as in two categories: open heel fins, and full foot fins. Moreover, you can pair neoprene boots with open heel fins. It has an open foot with spring straps or adjustable rubber straps. The full-foot fins have a rubber pocket. You may wear them barefoot, or if you want, you can wear neoprene socks to make them more comfortable and warm.


Underwater diving is very exciting and interesting and many people enjoy it a lot. So, it is quite important to buy a comfortable and fit diving suit set for enhanced safety.

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