Deep Sea Diving Games That Will Help You Have So Much Fun

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Have you ever wanted to have a fathomless experience of the feeling of being underwater in a game? The light feeling of your body, everything being too alive, too different – something that happens when you are inside water. It is as if the time slows down. Deep sea diving games can be both calming and surprising. Not truly knowing what lurks in the deepest parts of our planet makes the deep sea an excellent source of inspiration.


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It is one of the deep sea diving games known for giving a relaxing feeling to its players through its simplicity. Released in August 2016, it has a unique approach and allows you to explore the very depth of marine life. The player is a nameless diver who has the quest to preserve the balance of the endangered waters. Riding dolphins, solving puzzles, and more will leave you excited. Even though the story of these deep sea diving games lacked context, mystery, attention to detail, impressive scale, etc., – the spectacular journey is worth it.    

Abzu is one of those deep sea diving games with august music for each of the new areas that the player explores. The music stays with you even after the game has finished. The tempo, background music accentuate the emotional moments just right. Available on PlayStation 4, Pc, Xbox One.


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This game gives the feeling of being in a sci-fi movie with its context – a sea dive into an ocean on an alien planet. The goal is to survive this unknown ocean after crashing yourself on an alien planet. The bonus point is the story served by this game – too good.  

One of the most unexpected things was that the game was terrifying in a way that it was unsettling. As said by a player, awareness, distraction, and stealth are your best told to survive these dangerous depths. The graphics are strikingly detailed and communicative – even the positional audio for different ocean creatures. It is one of those open-survival deep sea diving games that are so deep, so terrifying, that it will take hours to unravel all its secrets.  

Subnautica was released in 2014 and is available on Pc, Xbox One, Macintosh, PlayStation 4.


It is a game of horror genre. The underwater scenario is far from calm and soothing – you don’t know what is going to come running at you any moment. The story of the game takes inspiration from the works of Philip K. Dick and takes place in a spooky underwater facility that to the last surviving people on Earth after all life has perished. The goal of this game is to get through the hostile environment, long-gone inhabitants, and fearsome creatures.

It questions identity, consciousness, and the relationship between the body and mind. Released in December 2015, and available on Pc, PlayStation 4, Xbox One.  


Deep sea diving games help you become the best version of yourself underwater. Diving into and becoming part of the water is an escape from reality. From soothing to spooky – deep sea diving games have a variety of genres to offer despite the fewer number of them. Keep your fingers crossed for more of these games in the future!

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