Diving Mask: 8 Things To Remember When Choosing

Diving Mask: 7 Things To Remember When Choosing

A scuba diving mask is an essential gear required for diving safely. It helps the divers open their eyes under the salty water and see the spending underwater environment. You can either take the scuba mask on rent or you can buy it. However, if you are a regular diver, then purchasing it will be wise.

Diving Mask: 7 Things To Remember When Choosing
Diving Mask: 7 Things To Remember When Choosing

Before buying the mask, you have to consider eight things.

It Should You Fit Your Face Perfectly

Hold the mask on your face; do not tie the strap. If you can breathe properly, then you have got the right scuba mask.

Good Quality Material Of The Dive Mask

These masks are made of both rubber as well as silicone, and they have a plastic frame. The silicone mask is far better than the rubber variety as it is supple and offers a better seal. Silicone does not cause any kind of allergy while some people are allergic to rubber.

Check Out The Nose Pocket

Each mask comes with a nose pocket that offers protection to your nose under the ocean. Besides that, it keeps the mask away from fogging and also helps you to retain equalization. That is why it is necessary that the nose pocket sits on your nose comfortably. It should not be very loss or tight.

Diving Mask: 7 Things To Remember When Choosing
Diving Mask: 7 Things To Remember When Choosing

Choose The Perfect Strap For The Scuba Mask

If you search in the market, you will see that these straps are of two types- single strap and double strap. They are mainly made of rubber or silicone. There is a post-hole belt area for fastening the strap. The single strap mask sits at the center behind the head. On the contrary, one strap of the double strap design sits at the upper part of the head while the other sites at the lower part. Thus, it makes the mask much more comfortable on your face.

High-Quality Lenses Of The Mask

Make sure that the mask that you are buying has high quality lenses. The better the lenses, the better you can see under the ocean.

Go For The Full Face Dive Masks

This particular mask covers your entire face. Hence, even if you go very deep under the ocean, your face will remain protected from any kinnd of abrasion and water too.

Mask With Single Or Double Window

The scuba masks are made of either single glass pane or double glass pane. As the single widow mask doesn’t have any separator at the center, it provides a splendid view of the surroundings while protecting your face. On the other hand, the double window scuba mask has a separator in the middle to provide better support. But that doesn’t mean it will obstruct the view. It also provides a very clear sight under the sea.

Upholding The Mask Quality

You should clean the mask before going to dive to remove the fog from it. Take a little toothpaste for rubbing the lenses and wash with clean water. Your mask is ready to go.

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