Fear In Scuba Diving Makes It Difficult?

Fear In Scuba Diving Makes It Difficult?

As a new scuba diver, you must be having many questions in your mind. Foremost, is scuba diving a challenge? This fear in Scuba diving has forced many newcomers to take a backseat. However, this is just a delusion. Scuba diving is purely a fun activity, and you need not allow your fear to take over. If you are happy to be in waters and are excited about it, then there is nothing that can pull you back. The primary requisite is only to identify this fear in Scuba diving and learn how to handle it.

Fear In Scuba Diving Is Normal

Fear In Scuba Diving Makes It Difficult?
Fear In Scuba Diving Makes It Difficult?

Whenever you start a new activity, fear is bound to take over. This fear may increase if you are a newcomer and a nonswimmer. However, there are many latest types of equipment and gear out there to help you be successful in the sport. Moreover, a little bit of fear is imperative to make sure that you do not become overconfident. Even the experienced Scuba divers feel this fear in some situations, and this is perfectly fine.

Furthermore, fear and excitement are two important aspects of diving as a sport. The difference lies only in the manner you interpret these fears. Thus, it is always advisable to train with an expert instructor.

Common Fear In Scuba Diving

Fear In Scuba Diving Makes It Difficult?
Fear In Scuba Diving Makes It Difficult?

Whenever you fear something, you need to realize that you are not the only diver to experience this fear. There have been many before you who may have felt this way, and many will be there after you. However, when divers were asked about their fear of scuba diving, they mentioned some common points. These are:

  • Dangerous marine environment;
  • Encountering a dangerous aquatic creature;
  • Not knowing the practical mask clearance skills;
  • Being Not aware of what to do in case of shortage of breath;
  • Not being able to communicate well with lifesavers;
  • Being all alone in a new and dangerous environment;
  • Heights or depths of water.

How To Overcome This Fear

Well, fear is an integral part of scuba diving. The need is to learn tips and tricks to overcome this fear. These tips and tricks assist you in overcoming all the unnecessary doubts as well. Let us talk in detail about these methods:

  • Talk elaborately with your instructor regarding your fear. 
  • Always do scuba diving under the guidance of professional instructors;
  • Learn about necessary life-saving skills underwater;
  • Listen carefully to other divers’ experiences and learn something from them;
  • Diving is not automatic. It takes time to learn the necessary skills;
  • Do not pay attention to myths surrounding diving. It is important that you learn the basic difference between fears and myths. 


As per experts, it is essential to have some fear as well, when you start diving. The reason is that this fear will only let you create experiences and be more confident. Moreover, this confidence can be gained by learning from your own worries only. So, do not be fearful and move ahead with excitement to do better. Happy Diving!

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