4 Best Adventurous Spots For Scuba Diving San Diego

San Diego is the home for fantastic surfing experience as it has a countless number of serene beaches. Aside from surfing and beach view, Scuba Diving San Diego is another to-do task that comes into play. Visitors who plan their vacations to San Diego have diving in their checklist for apparent reasons. Visitors have the utmost eagerness to know what lies deep in the coast. In this article, you will know about the best spots in San Diego, where you can experience Scuba diving at its best.

1. Shores Of La Jolla Scuba Diving, San Diego

Four Best Adventurous Spots For Scuba Diving, San Diego
Four Best Adventurous Spots For Scuba Diving
  • La Jolla beach is a mile long beach and also grants a fantastic entry for the visitors to explore.
  • When you get down to the waters in your swimming suits, you will find your way towards sloping sands.
  • You will also experience the beauty of marine life with the angel sharks, rays, and guitarfish.
  • When you dive deeper, you will find a 600 feet drop-off point. The rim of the drop-off rocks has corals, kelp, and starfish to grab your attention.
  • This beach lacks visitors in winters for high current flow in the water.

The beauty lies within the deep waters, and if you want to explore it, you have to dive in.

2. Cove, La Jolla

The sport of Scuba Diving is famous, for the beauty and the history that lies in deep waters.

  • The cove is also one of the most excellent spots to dive in. The reason behind cove being the best spot is the kelp forest that lies beneath the waters.
  • If you go deeper, you can find a hurdle of peculiar rocks. It is the territory of lobsters.
  • The shallow parts of the sea are home to seals and sea lions.
  • This place has soft waters making it easy for new and also pro-swimmers.

3. Wreck Alley Scuba Diving, San Diego

If you move a little off the coast to Mission Beach, you will find the Wreck Alley.

  • The name to this artificial reef is as such for a reason. It has undergone many shipwrecks and has sunken structures deep inside, which gives this alley its name.
  • This spot for Scuba diving is kept secret for the professional scuba divers. Beginners might not enjoy exploring shipwrecks; it might scare them.
  • Wreck Alley is full of adventure, and it has something new every time for every Scuba diver.

4. Point Loma

Four Best Adventurous Spots For Scuba Diving, San Diego
Four Best Adventurous Spots For Scuba Diving
  • This spot consists of a vast marine eco-system. It is possible due to the rich nutrients of the ocean and the cold waters.
  • If you dive in or take a boat ride, you will experience the sight of the kelp forests.
  • Kelp forests act as the home for bass, kelpfish, tree fish and many other creatures.
  • If you decide to dive in Point Loma, then you have to go in for a minimum 45 feet and maximum to 120 feet.
  • Kelp forest makes you dive in the dark as sunlight does not reach deep in the mid of a day. You must take a dive torch along with you.

These are four best spots for San Diego Scuba Diving, and if you are willing to enjoy Scuba diving, then pack your bags and come down to San Diego.

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