Google Earth Dives Underwater – For People Interested In Scuba

google earth dives underwater

Under the surface of oceans lies a beautiful and fragile world which not everyone gets to see. What fascinates people the most is that they can witness this beauty and fragility even by sitting at home with the help of google earth dives underwater. Along with the beauty, people can also witness the sobering reminders of the negative impact of humanity on the oceans. From dying corals to plastics, google earth can show everything. The Ocean life that has been depicted by Google Earth will help people to fall in love with the beauty of the ocean.

Great Barrier Reef

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Many people have been dying to see the Great Barrier Reef and Google Earth can now fulfill their dreams. People can see the Great Barrier Reef without spending even a single penny. google earth dives underwater to show what people have always wanted to see. People don’t have to put on diving gear to witness this beauty. Google Earth allows people to have a 360-degree view of the ocean. They do it because they believe that when people will see everything happening inside the ocean, it will build a sense of understanding and they will try to protect it.

Breathtaking View

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Everyone wants to witness the beauty of nature but not everyone can afford to travel anywhere they want to. For them, google earth dives underwater and brings breathtaking images and 360-degree views. The Lizard Island of the Great Barrier Reef and the Coral Lagoons of New Caledonia can be seen with the help of Google Earth. For someone, who doesn’t know much about Coral Reefs, they will be amazed to see how beautiful they actually are. However, the fluorescing colors show how the corals are trying but are failing constantly when it comes to protecting themselves from the warm ocean. The warm oceans can be considered as the most beautiful death of nature.

Million Dollar Point

Google earth dives underwater to show Million Dollar Point. This is located in the Vanuatu archipelago. The south pacific ocean has other best views too but this is the most viewed and loved location. This is the place where every jeep and bulldozers were dumped by the soldiers after World War 2 was over. The images remind people how they dispose of waste in the ocean thinking it would do no harm but the 8 million plastic that people dump in the ocean each year does not disappear. It is responsible for harming marine life.


Scuba diving is an amazing adventurous sport that can be so fascinating and exciting but at the same time may give you fatal injuries or life-threatening problems that you might have to bear if you do not use proper guidance and not using proper equipment. Scuba diving is done as a water sport at many islands and coastal regions for tourists. The scuba diving equipment is highly specialized and you may want to research it before going underwater. Google earth dives underwater to show the beauty of nature along with the ruckus that people have created inside the oceans. This is also a reminder for people to protect and cherish what they have.

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