How Do You Clean A Cressi Mask

How Do You Clean A Cressi Mask

A scuba mask is a must to have tool for scuba diving. Scuba diving can is the activity under the water to interact with fish, tortoise, jellyfish, and other beautiful water creatures. Divers love to explore the hidden beauty of the ocean and pleasant underwater plants. Do you think without an excellent scuba mask, you can enjoy all these activities? “No.” A scuba mask allows divers to clearly and comfortably explore the underwater world of an ocean that is undoubtedly extremely beautiful. The lens of the scuba mask protects your eyes and enable you to have a clear vision under the water. You should clear the Cressi mask strap and lens of the cover to enjoy the scenery around you. 

How Do You Clean A Cressi Mask
How Do You Clean A Cressi Mask

Preparing A New Cressi Mask

Do you make your Cressi mask before diving? You should not dive into the water without setting the lenses of the cover. If you dive without any preparations, fogging can be an obstacle. Mask is made with materials like silicon. Under the water, because of silicon or other materials, fog arises in your scuba mask. To avoid fogging, you need to clean the lenses of the mask regularly. 

Generally, lenses need soft liquids to be cleaned. But sometimes divers use toothpaste instead of the smooth and soft cleaning agent. Treat your new scuba mask gently. Treat the cover with baby shampoo. If you use toothpaste for cleaning the mask, it may cause eye burning, while baby shampoo will never produce such issues. 

Alternatives Of Baby Shampoo:

Some divers don’t want to use conventional methods to clean their scuba masks. They think that cleaning the cover with toothpaste and baby shampoo is not the right way of cleaning. So, what are the other alternatives?  A lot of commercial cleaning liquid products are available, weather searches online, or go to nearby scuba shop. Try a home-based cleaning solution. Take a small bowl, add water and baking soda. Mix well. This solution of baking soda and water is the best agent to remove the silicon layer from the cressi mask. Remember that use any cleaning product, but be sure to rinse the mask with warm water thoroughly.

How To Maintain Cressi Mask:

Wash the Cressi mask gently with fresh and clean water.

Take baby shampoo in a small bowl and gently rub the shampoo on the mask.

Remember to clean the lens and skirt both.

Take warm water in a medium-sized bowl and rinse the scuba mask with warm water.

Never use the massive flow of warm water through the tap. It may damage the lens.

Repeat the method for 3 to 4 times. 

After cleaning, let the mask dry.

After preparing your scuba mask, you should consider the storage method of the Cressi mask. Then after scuba diving or cleaning the mask, store the scuba mask appropriately.

How Do You Clean A Cressi Mask
How Do You Clean A Cressi Mask

Storing Your Cressi Mask:

Avoid sunlight. Sun rays may harm or degrade the mask’s plastic.

Choose the dry and cool place to choose

Keep your mask away from bugs and insects.

Store in a hermetic container or box.

If you want to retain your mask to be with the cleaned skirt, store them in a separate bag. Other gears may degrade the color or cause scratches.

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