Interesting Facts About Cormorants – Black Bird That Dives Underwater

black bird that dives underwater

Often confused with shags, the cormorants are a highly interesting bird species that are found all over the world. Also commonly known as the black bird that dives underwater, the cormorants are yet to be properly known to humankind. So, if you are as interested in knowing about birds as we are then continue reading this article to know all there is to know about this bird species.

How Do Cormorants Feed?

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Cormorants are master divers, a few kinds of Cormorant diving as deep as 45 meters. They speed along when submerged through their webbed feet, utilizing their wings as rudders.

A few kinds of Cormorants have been noticed to be herding fish for more proficient hunting.

Are Cormorants Social?

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Cormorants are provincial nesters, with flocks holding up to 4,000 birds. Many species also hunt together.

How Fast Do Cormorants Fly?

Some types of cormorants can achieve velocities of up to 55 km per hour.

What Are Cormorant Birthing Rituals Like?

Cormorants become explicitly full grown at around 2 to 3 years old. This development appears to completely rely upon food accessibility – more food accessible in the territory prompts more youthful reproducing ages.

They lay at least 3 to 5 eggs, yet survivability is frequently low and not all will endure. Incubating happens around a month after the eggs are laid. The chicks will at that point stay in the home for a further 2 months.

The chick is taken care of with disgorged food that is pulled out of the grown-up’s throat.

7 Cool Facts About The Black Bird That Dives Underwater

Cormorants have short wings for a flying feathered creature because of their need to swim. Due to this they have the most noteworthy flight cost of any flying feathered creature.

The species name comes from the Greek words phalakros signifying “uncovered” and korax signifying “raven.”

The name “cormorant” is a constriction of the Latin words corvus and marinus which taken together signify “ocean raven.”

Cormorants share numerous highlights of another sort of bird – the shag. Contingent upon whom you ask, their strength not be any important differentiation whatsoever since “cormorant” alludes to various flying creatures.

All forms of the cormorant have organs that secretes an oil utilized for keeping the feathers waterproof. Anyway, this organ isn’t adequately effective so cormorants are frequently observed with their wings spread out in order to dry them.

Certain societies (for example Chinese, Grecian, Japanese, Macedonian) would utilize cormorants for fishing. A circle was tied around the cormorants’ throats permitting them to just swallow more modest fish, leaving greater fish caught in their bills, which the fishers would recover.

Cormorants are pellet-producers. They make pellets out of the bones and sizes of the fish they eat and let it out, much like a few owls.

In Conclusion

There is indeed a lot to know about the world we live in and these are a great few to start with on increasing your knowledge. For more such interesting stuff, make sure to go through the other articles on our site and we are sure you will enjoy reading them.

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