Know About The Best Scuba Dive Gear Packages

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You will Discover each scuba diving gear package from world-famous brands of diving gear below. Then you will realize that there is no one size fits all package that will work for everybody. Each package mentioned here has its specific type and model of BCD, first stage regulator, Oct, and system to make them more attractive to certain divers. Therefore you must read through their inclusions and product descriptions before purchasing them.

List Of Some Well Known Scuba Dive Gear Packages

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  • R1 Leonardo Package

We are starting this list with an affordable, high-quality Scuba dive gear package from a famous manufacturer of underwater diving equipment. This gear set has cressi R1 BCD at heart, is made with premium materials, and has a tough, rigid back that ensures better performance for many years of use.

  • Prime Mares Package

Here is another world-famous brand in the world of Underwater scuba dive gear and its Prime Scuba gear package is something you will want to consider if you want to try the scuba dive gear package at a reasonable price. This is so comfortable and stylish with a mechanical release system for easy weight management. This brand has its own Rover 25 the regulator, which features a lightweight compact and dynamic flow control.

  • Cressi Start Package

 This scuba dive gear package by cressi is perfect for those who are on a budget. This Italian brand offers the starter bundle, which has Scuba BCD, gauge console, and a regulator. It can cover everything you need for a comfortable dive. It has an xs2 / AC2 piston regulator and is made with marine-grade brass.

  • Prestige Mares Package

Scuba dive gear package for $1000 point, we have this Prestige mares package leisure. It has weight pockets for more convenient weight management, and this package also includes the Chrome plated Marine brass 15x regulator. Another feature is the Mares puck 2 computer console.

  • TUSA Alpha analog package

TUSA is an International underwater equipment manufacturer brand that encourages you to dive safely with this complete underwater life support system. You can easily pack your computer and Scuba regulator package into the spacious and versatile TUSA duffle bag that comes along with it.

  •  Zeagle scuba gear package

 Zeagle is a brand that you may be familiar with. It has a stepper price point. First, it includes Halo BCD is a high-class and fully featured dive vest that is carefully constructed with a strong mix of fabrics and radiofrequency. Also, it has the worlds first and only jacket style BCD.


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It will be quite exciting to Choose products to get to complete your first scuba diving package. Above all the information is given that will help you to choose the right package for you in your convenient budget, also with high quality and style.

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