Knowing What the Deepsea Challenge is all About

Deepsea Challenge

It’s not every day that you see a contest taking place between two of the world’s most popular brands, with one being an electronics company and the other being a fast-food chain.

However, this is exactly what happened in July 2018 when Sony partnered up with McDonald’s to hold the Deepsea Challenge. The competition took place across six different countries spanning from Australia to Sweden, with both companies betting on their respective employees as they competed against each other in various tasks related to cooking and speed challenges.

Understanding the deepsea challenge

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At stake were bragging rights for who would be crowned “the best crew member at McDonald’s or Sony”. It turned out that the winner was a 29-year old cashier named Kenneth Ly from Sweden who had been working at McDonald’s for almost six years before the competition.

In this article, we take a look into what exactly the Deepsea Challenge encompassed and all of its aspects that made it such a hotly contested event.

First off, it is not just the bragging rights on the line. For one, both companies also had something else to gain should their employees win. At Sony, the prize for coming out on top was a free PlayStation 4 bundle for each member of the first-place team plus an additional PS4 Pro for the crew captain.

McDonald’s however, had a whole lot more at stake. The fast-food restaurant promised that if its employees won the challenge, “a cash prize of US$ 25,000 per crew member will be awarded to a local community project of their choice.”

The competition was a real team effort for both Sony and McDonald’s as they had to determine their teams comprising of members from various regions. This meant that the employees they picked must have been excellent when it came to teamwork, exuding a positive attitude, and willingness to go beyond their regular duties to make sure they were victorious.

More details

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Both companies also assigned the task of choosing the members for each team in addition to training them with tasks that would be appropriate for the competition. For example, in an interview with Variety, PlayStation’s s head of communications Patrick Seybold said that part of the training for the challenge included “a lot of team-building activities,” adding that they also did some cooking classes to get everyone acclimatized to their new recipes.

On a side note, Sony also had a leg up when it came to the competition itself as they were able to get their hands on actual PlayStation 4 consoles which allowed them to test out different games and use them in an actual cooking challenge. McDonald’s wasn’t even aware that this would be taking place until just days before the event.

While this may have been a considerable advantage for the Japanese company, they were still at a bit of a disadvantage as their daily menu does not include any portion sizes. This meant that everything had to be carefully measured to ensure that everyone would receive an even amount of food throughout the competition.

Sony and McDonald’s have been fierce competitors for years, but they found a new way to compete by putting their employees in the Deepsea Challenge. Sony won with Kenneth Ly from Sweden who had been working at McDonald’s for almost six years before the competition. If you want more information on this event or how it could be applied to your own business, may this article serve as a guide to you.

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