Pokemon Black and White Guide – The Hunt For Ultra Deep Sea

ultra deep sea

Ultra Deep Sea, called Ultra Space in Pokemon Sun and Moon, was one of the many worlds of Ultra Space available only after winning against Necrozma, and its home planet of Nihilego after beating him. It is now part of Team Galactic. This region appears as a sea with many sunken ship fragments floating around in it. The player will have to explore this sea area by means of its sunken ship fragments while preventing the formation of more. There are also several mysterious creatures here like Darkrai and several Legendary Pokemon.

An Overview

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Ultra Deep Sea is the hardest region in the game to traverse. Its puzzles are different from those of other dungeons as it’s tougher than all the other dungeons. The player should be aware that they are moving from one area to another very fast and they will encounter a few hazards along the way like traps and monsters. However, the rewards are great. The first secret is the appearance of a legendary , Latios. Latios is actually the legendary bird that was stolen by Nihilitygo and transported here.

The second secret is finding the cave ultra wormhole. It leads to another part of Ultra Space and this place houses many more mysterious creatures. Once the player has captured Latios they have to watch out for Latios’ tail and find the exit to the caverns. This is where they locate the Legendary Pokemon Latios. They have to bring back Latios by giving it enough energy or else it will faint and run away. Once all the energy is used up Latios will faint and will not appear again until the player has used up all the energy restoring it to its original state.

Pokemon Black and White Guide

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The third secret is to finish all the sub-quests in the ultra deep sea. These quests are designed to make the player fight the Latios’ evolved form. They are very tough and the player has to equip themselves with a lot of energy before they can unleash their power on the monsters found in the area.

The fourth thing that is worth mentioning in relation to the game’s story is the background information given to the player. The background is as fascinating as the exploration itself and it really makes the whole experience a memorable one. The game gives you a lot of information about the origin of Pokemon and how it managed to survive the destruction caused by Black God. It also explains why the Latios and Latias lived in peaceful lives even before the eruption of Mt. Silver.

Finally, the fifth thing that should be mentioned in relation to this game is the in-game events. These events are special events that occur in-game whenever there is an update released for this particular game. For example, in-game news announced that the new legendary Pokemon has been discovered. This news instantly made the search for the new mythical creature very difficult. The players had to use all kinds of methods in order to get the legendary Pokemon.

After several hours of searching, they finally found what they were looking for and this allowed them to successfully extract the legendary Pokemon, Latios. Latios is now the number one goal of every player and the reason behind its discovery is that Latios has a special attack called Symbiont. This special attack makes the Latios’ body glow with a red light that is comparable to the sun. When Latios’ body glows red, it symbolizes that the Latios can use its special attack, Symbiont.

Bottom Line

Symbiont can hit any target and is a move that can only be used when the Latios has low health. This is where the players had to come up with a solution using the method of ridding themselves of Latios and facing the challenge of winning the ultra deep sea exploration. Fortunately for the players, the team was composed of five people; two trainers and two non-trainer friends who were willing to risk their lives in order to help their friend. They placed their lives under threat and along with Latios’ gas filter masks, made themselves useful by helping their friend.

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