Practice Scuba Diving: Skills To Practice From Home

Practice Scuba Diving: Skills To Practice From Home

All over the world, people have locked themselves as COVID-19 is taking a run. It is a hard time for divers to be in self-quarantine when the weather and water temperature are just perfect. As divers, we love to be under sunshine, feel the water caressing our skin as we dive, and explore the new world of marine life. Hence, divers are unable to practice scuba diving experiences in the water. As it is a time of chaos, the blue of water attracts more. Scuba diving relaxes the mind from all the problems of the world above the water surface.

As the lockdown is global, along with the animal kingdom, marine life is also thriving. The water surfaces in various sites become extremely clean. So, underwater evokes a sense of peace and serenity. Therefore, it is indeed quite difficult for divers to be in self-quarantine. However, there are some advantages to the time you can have as a diver. You can thus improve your skills in scuba diving without going out of your home. Hence, why not practicing scuba diving skills while at home? Here are five skills that will make you ready for the next scuba dive trip:

Practice Scuba Diving: Skills To Practice From Home
Practice Scuba Diving: Skills To Practice From Home

Practice Scuba Diving: Navigation Skills

When divers are doing a course, it becomes easy for them to master navigation. However, skills require regular practice. Many dive situations don’t require a compass such as a wall dives but prefer a diving guide. When you are exploring underwater, you may forget the navigation basics. So, if you own a compass, learn about different search patterns that you heard during the course.

Fish Identification

Identifying fish underwater takes years to build in most experienced divers. During every dive, we come across something new and learn some facts about marine life. However, as we depend on our experiences to know about ocean life, you may have to wait for years to impress everyone.

But now that you have time, you can gain expertise in fish from your home comfort. You can get lots of fish ID books or can get access to online resources. When you would go through all the details you have, you can become a living encyclopedia of marine life.

Practice Scuba Diving: Breathing Techniques

During scuba diving, long breathing techniques are an extremely important skill to learn. It might sound simple. But the reality of air consumption is a huge problem among divers of every level. As you take deep and long inhales, as well as exhales, it helps to prevent various issues. There are also lesser chances of dead air spaces, while divers stay calm and relaxed.

So, you are practicing at home the right breathing technique that will help you master this skill. And whenever you are back underwater, you will feel more at ease. Breathing deeply will act as meditation at this trying time.

Practice Scuba Diving: Skills To Practice From Home
Practice Scuba Diving: Skills To Practice From Home

Practicing Assembling And Disassembling Dive Gear

Do you own a diving gear? If yes, then know them better as you are staying at home. You can play with various equipment setups, like connecting to an alternate air source to D-ring. It is also the time to inspect each part of this gear to ensure if it needs servicing. Why not learn to assemble and disassemble the diving kit so well, that you can do it with your eyes closed?

Studying The PADI Materials

If you have done courses from PADI or given exams there, you own PADI books and their e-learning materials. However, after our classes and exams, we usually don’t look into books again. But, with some time at hand, you can revise your knowledge. So, why not check out the books, as they have great information in store for you. Therefore, brushing up your scuba knowledge is essential.

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