Read This Before Buying Old Scuba Diving Gear

old scuba diving gear

Are you planning to buy old scuba diving gear? Well, it is a great idea to save money on expensive scuba equipment. But this great deal can be risky if you buy extremely damaged or not fit to use the equipment. It can put your life at risk, so one must know a few things before buying old or used scuba gear.

Here is your guide to buy used scuba equipment. Check it out below.

Old Scuba Diving Equipments- Do’s And Don’ts

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Never Get From A Rental Shop

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Though rental shops provide the cheapest deals, they are not worthy as they keep highly used gears. They may be in very bad conditions and can rarely be useful. All they do is renew them to make them look useful, but it is just a waste to get such important stuff from a rental shop.

But if this is your last option then look for a shop that keeps equipment which are used fewer times or being used for a year only.

Be Careful While Buying Wetsuits

Wetsuits are also used in other water sports, so it is crucial to check out the material of wetsuits. Also, get a fit suit so that water does not enter into the suit. Moreover, check whether the suit is made from neoprene or not.

Neoprene is commonly used for making wet suits as they have air bubbles to give buoyancy. But extra pressure can damage the material and burst the bubbles. If some of the areas on the suits are flat, then don’t buy it as that portion is damaged.

Never Get Online

You cannot be sure of old scuba diving gear when it comes to online. Go to a local shop, check everything on your own, and then purchase. And if online shopping is your option, we will suggest you get new diving gear rather than investing in old ones just for a cheap deal. It won’t make any sense.

Get A Used BCD

A used BCD for Buoyancy control device is still useful because it doesn’t get as damaged as other gear. Though it may look faded, it is still in better condition. The fadeless is due to chlorine as most of the pools have chlorine mixed into it.

However, if you are confused about whether to get a new BCD or not, then we must tell you that both options are worthy of it. Only remember these things before getting a BCD:

Make sure that the straps and connectors are working good

There should not be any damages on the bladders, especially on the edges

Pockets should not be torn

Check the functionality of release valves

Pouches should be in good shape

Check bladders and make sure that there is no oil or mold in them as it can affect their functionality

Check the release of air

Besides these, keep one more important thing that your old scuba diving gear should be serviceable. If all is good, then make the deal and enjoy scuba diving.

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