Scuba Dive Equipment: Essentials For Next Drive

Scuba Dive Equipment: Essentials For Next Drive

Want to witness the beauty hidden under the ocean? Well, for that, nothing is better than scuba diving. One of the most popular ocean activity, scuba needs preparation. Besides physical skills, a thorough knowledge as well as proper training, you need scuba dive equipment. 

If you have decided to indulge in diving in your next holidays, then make the following gears ready.

Scuba Dive Equipment: Essentials For Next Drive
Scuba Dive Equipment: Essentials For Next Drive

Scuba Dive Equipment – Mask

It is one of the first things that you need for safe dive. It protects your eyes and face under the saline water. Always opt for the high-quality mask so that they can provide you with the utmost satisfaction. Also, make sure that the mask fits you perfectly.

Wetsuit Or Drysuit

Yes, both wetsuit and Drysuit are heavy, and when you wear them, they make you feel heavier. Walking in them is tricky. However, to keep you warm and safeguard your skin under the ocean, these suits are indispensable. Generally, neoprene rubber is used to make these suits. They lock a thin water layer to make padding along the skin. If the water is freezing, then opting for a thick suit is wise.

Scuba Dive Equipment – Fins

This diving gear is essential for controlling your movement under the saltwater. It also helps you move with agility and also speed. They are of two kinds; one is full foot fins, and another is open heel fins. Whatever fins you choose, they should offer you the maximum comfort as well as effectiveness. 

Gloves For Diving

Made of sturdy materials, the diving gloves safeguard your skin from abrasion or punctures while you are exploring any caves or challenging areas under the ocean. Besides, they help in keeping your hands warm. This is very important when you are going under cold water.

Scuba Dive Equipment: Essentials For Next Drive
Scuba Dive Equipment: Essentials For Next Drive

Scuba Tank

The diving tank contains a unique mixture of gas, especially nitrox that help the divers breathe without any interruption. They are mostly made of aluminum or steel. They come with the pressure rating of about 2000 PSI, and it can go up to 3500 PSI.

Scuba Diving Equipment – Regulator

The regulator helps in converting the high pressure of the cylinder into ambient pressure. Thus, you can breathe freely. The regulator stays in your mouth, and it connects with the scuba tank on your back. Before opting for the regulator, do not forget to check the level of performance and comfort.

Depth Gauge And Compass

If you want to note the current depth along with the maximum depth that you have reached while diving, you need to use dept gauge.

For accurate diving navigation, a compass is necessary. If the visibility is low under the ocean, then it can show you the right direction. When you have a compass with you, you will not get lost.

You can also use a submersible pressure gauge. It helps in knowing the amount of leftover gas in the scuba tank.

Besides the gears mentioned above, other scuba gears might be vital for you. These include dive computer, camera, buoyancy compensator, defoggers, dive knives, etc.

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