Scuba Diving Equipment For Beginner: Buying Your First Set

Scuba Diving Equipment For Beginner: Buying Your First Set

Buying the first set of scuba diving equipment for a beginner is an exciting step. But, it baffles the new divers with all the varieties and all the specifications. When the beginner diver goes on to buy scuba diving equipment for beginner, it means they are committing to diving. However, as a newly certified diver, you will need a professional guide to buy your first set of scuba equipment. It is crucial to get your scuba gear in two phases. Firstly, you must invest in the basic stuff that you will need during your class before getting a certificate. Then, you will need essential pieces for life support as you will be diving on your own.

Scuba Diving Equipment For Beginner: Scuba Mask

You can’t dive without your mask on as you won’t be able to keep your eyes open otherwise. There are varieties of scuba masks in the world apart from what you see in the Bond films. You must choose a scuba mask that suits you. As you wear a mask, it creates air space; so you can keep your eyes open without water interfering in the space. The nose pocket of the mask allows equalizing the air pressure as you glide deeper. You must get a scuba mask that provides an excellent watertight fit. 

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Scuba Diving Equipment For Beginner: Buying Your First Set


You need the curved tube that allows you to breathe as you float face-down on the water surface. When you would go on to buy your scuba gears, you will come across a large wall of snorkels in any dive store. There you will get lots of options with special features to choose from. However, you should focus on the basic things. The snorkel allows you to preserve the air in your tank when you are on the water surface. So, you will be looking for a comfortable mouthpiece with which you feel good and can breathe dry and comfortable. But what makes it difficult is to make the snorkels dry, they become bulkier and harder to breathe with. You have to get a snorkel that will have a balance between dry comfort and ease of breathing. When you are wearing a bigger snorkel, it will drag more in the water.

Scuba Diving Equipment For Beginner: Scuba Fins

Have you seen any fish with legs? Not, because they have to glide through the currents underwater and not walk. That’s why every diver needs fins to move smoothly underwater. As you are entering the territory of the fish world, you will need good fins too.

Basic scuba diving gears for beginners
Scuba Diving Equipment For Beginner: Buying Your First Set

When you are wearing fins, they will transfer the power from large leg muscles for efficient underwater movement. And the underwater world is almost 800 times denser than what we experience in the air. So, you have to look for fins that combine comfort with efficiency. You must look for a snug fit when you are trying on fins. However, it shouldn’t pinch your toes or bind the feet arches. In case you are not able to wiggle your toes, your fins are small.


You need wetsuits for your dive, as it will keep you warm underwater as much as it can. Wearing the suit underwater ensures, your body is getting insulation against the cool water. In case your body comes with direct contact with cold water, it will rob your body heat 25x faster. Depending on the dive conditions, you have to choose your wetsuit thickness and exposure protection.

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