Top 6 Scuba Diving Gear For Kids

Scuba Diving Gear

If you want to teach your kids scuba diving right from a young age, you must invest in proper scuba diving gear for kids to enhance their experience. You need to consider a lot of factors when introducing your children to scuba diving and one of them is the right gear. Children are not as strong as adults and they tend to get cold or tired quicker than adults. Do not make them wear your gear, as it may be lost or keep coming off, resulting in uncomfortable diving experience.

scuba diving gear for kids
Scuba Diving Gear for Kids

Scuba diving Gear For Kids


It is important that the wetsuit fits snugly to their bodies. Children do not have much body fat and so, you will have to buy a wetsuit that fits them really well. Do not go for very thick wetsuits either, as this may restrict mobility and discomfort. The ideal is to buy a full-length suit that has padded knees to protect the knees from getting scraped.


When buying regulators for kids, choose a design made for children or for traveling, as these are smaller and lighter. Kids with smaller mouths can hold the demand valve in place with such regulators. Hence, it’s best to go for molded mouthpieces to provide the best grip. Also, remember to keep a few in spare, as they might mistakenly bite through them. Hoses are best when they are shorter and proportionate to your child’s size. They will thus reduce snag hazards or drag.


The ideal cylinder capacity for kids is a 7 L or a 10 L cylinder. Get one with a handle as they can easily carry it to safety.


Get jackets that have a lot of bands, straps, and inserts, that help in a secure fit. They can also expand when kids get older. These jackets are simple to operate with easy-release Velcro buckles and straps. You can also find integrated weight pockets. Those might be ideal, as they are more comfortable for kids with smaller frames than going for weight belts.


Get a mask with a proper seal for their small faces. It can also be with simple designs as these are lighter and easier to wear. A mask with a soft silicone skirt and a quick-release buckle is ideal. You might even go for a full mask that provides a wider vision and an integrated regulator to allow easy cleaning.

Best scuba diving gear
Best Scuba Diving Gear


It is best to choose open heel design for the fins, as they provide more room for growth. Check for softer blades and longer features that are easy to propel, and provide less tiredness or leg cramps.


When buying snorkels, look for kid-friendly options that fit perfectly on their faces, and better suited to their small lungs. They are also easier to clean. Furthermore, you need to look for splash guards that prevent water from entering the snorkel on the surface. Do not get tempted to buy bigger sizes, thinking that your kids will soon outgrow the smaller ones. Having the correct fit for scuba diving gear is an important aspect of their safety and comfort. You can also hire equipment until your children are older.

These are some essential tips for choosing the right scuba diving gear for kids. There are many brands for scuba diving equipment and gear only for children. However, a better option would be to rent such items until your children are adults.

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