Scuba Full Face Mask: How To Choose

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Scuba full face mask is not popular among the recreational divers. However, the professional and also the cold water divers use them for additional thermal protection.

Besides them, the underwater videographers, as well as TV show hosts and commercial divers, even wear the full scuba mask.

Scuba Full Face Mask: How To Choose
Scuba Full Face Mask: How To Choose

These masks are different than the typical scuba mask. Full masks cover the face of the divers entirely. They come with a mouthpiece that the divers use for breathing and talking freely inside the mask. The comfort level is higher in comparison to the regular scuba mask. These are bigger in size and heavier too. You need proper training if you are willing to use it. They fit your face so accurately that there is no chance of water leakage.

However, these full scuba masks costlier than the conventional ones as some extra materials are used to manufacture them.

Scuba Full Face Mask – Tips For Choosing

Type Of Dive

Before opting for the mask, you need to decide the type of dive that you will indulge in. If you will go for simple diving in the ocean, opt for the regular masks. If you need to communicate under the water or you are doing it professionally, then the full masks attached with communication features are suitable for you. Some full-face masks also come with vision light as well as shield displays. These are mainly for commercial divers.

Reputed And Recommended Brands For Buying Mask

A scuba mask is for your protection. So, don’t compromise on quality while buying it. Always opt for those brands that have years of experience in making these masks. Even if they come a bit heavy on your pocket, it is wise to invest in them. Certified retailers should be your first choice when it comes to buying the full scuba masks.

Moreover, you can take opinion from the expert divers or your friends who have experience in scuba dive.

Try Before Buy

These scuba masks do not come in any standard size. Thus, you need to try them on your face to check whether they fit you or not. Put it on and shake your head to check whether it shifts or not. Push it a little to find outs its snugness on your face.

Scuba Full Face Mask: How To Choose
Scuba Full Face Mask: How To Choose

Check The Material Of Scuba Full Face Mask

So the mask fits accurately on your face. But the job isn’t done yet. You need to examine the silicone material. This silicone will be responsible for protecting your skin under the ocean. So, until you are satisfied with the material, do not buy it. The materials should feel smooth on your face, and they should have no air gap.

In addition, you need to check the surface air valve on the mask side. It helps in surface air-breathing.

Check The Visibility Range

Last but not the least; you should check the visibility range of the mask. Put it on and check whether you can see clearly or not. The full face mask should provide you with an excellent peripheral vision.

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