Snorkel Masks Full Face Scuba

Snorkel Masks

There are various products invented to support the sport of scuba diving. Snorkel Masks is one such product that helps the divers to have no problem once underwater. However, these masks are very much helpful and mainly designed for beginners. It allows one to breathe from their nose as well as their mouth. The cover is very advance and has an anti-fog as well as an anti-leak system. We can even place a camera on top.

Snorkel Mask Full Face Scuba

Going on a beach trip soon? Make sure to take this snorkel mask with you! High the sea and the fishes under it, swim and interact with Nemo and his friends. You will be able to see the fishes and the corals clearly with this snorkel mask. Unlike regular snorkeling gear that requires you to breathe on the mouth instead of the nose, this mask allows you to breathe naturally. Beginners are intimidated to go snorkeling at first since they have to breathe using their mouths. It requires extreme focus if you are not used to it. For that reason, beginners cannot last very long in snorkeling. However, this mask is beginner-friendly; professionals love it too. Try out snorkeling and see how fun and exciting it is by using this snorkel mask.

Anti-Fog and Anti-Leak System

The valve wherein the oxygen passes opens and closes according to your breathing. The lid closes when you inhale, and it also opens when you exhale. That is the reason why the mask won’t fog because there is a good circulation of fresh air in it. With that, you’ll be able to maximize your viewing experience and won’t miss out when a sea turtle passes by. While the anti-leak system is possible because the floating ball inside the valve goes up and blocks the opening when you dive a little deeper. That way, the water won’t enter the mask even if you go a little deeper. And if there is any water that does get in, the water drains out in the drain valve.

Snorkel Masks: Camera Mount and 180 Degrees Viewing

The mask comes with a camera mount where you can attach the GoPro camera to the valve. You now can record your dive hands-free. The cover also has a full clear viewing window. You’ll be able to see from 180 degrees around you.

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