Top Places To Scuba Dive In Florida

Are you planning a vacation to Miami? If yes, then you will never want to miss the fantastic beaches. Scuba Diving Miami is a tourist attraction activity, and people love to dive deep into the clean oceans. Amongst all the diving spots in Miami, the top seven places are brought down to a list.

 Scuba diving in these spots will give you a fantastic experience underwater. In this article, you will know about the seven best spots for Scuba Diving Miami.

Seven Best Spots For Scuba Diving, Miami
Seven Best Spots For Scuba Diving, Miami

1. South Beach

South Beach is one of the best places for diving located in the heart of Miami. This place has undergone renovation along with all the facilities. Before diving in, you will need a certification from the diving instructors. They will teach you the basics and essential lessons to tackle situations underwater. They offer classes or take you directly into the waters to give you practical experience.

2. Grove Scuba Diving Miami

It is a cheap diving spot for beginners. In 2012, Grove Scuba was the best dive shop in Miami. Deep waters here consist of marine life and greenery that attracts divers from all over the world.

3. H2O Scuba Diving Miami Center

Seven Best Spots For Scuba Diving, Miami
Seven Best Spots For Scuba Diving

This location is in the North of Miami. The diving coaches are professionals here. They give you the diving equipment in rentals. Proper demonstration of the equipment is necessarily given to the new divers before they step into the water. The center also has beautiful sea turtles beneath the seas which will lead the scuba divers to the shore.

4. Tarpoon Lagoon

When you consider Scuba Diving Miami, Tarpoon Lagoon is one of the best diving spots since 1952. The team here is known globally as leaders to diving education.  The instructors here will guide you with the best techniques. They will timely communicate with you whenever essential. Sixty-four years of experience will attract every tourist to be a part of the diving culture here. 

5. Biscayne Park

This park in Miami holds the key to a vast marine adventure. You can fulfill your desires for scuba diving here. This park allows a single boat to the diving spot each day. Forty-nine people board a boat to the diving spot. The water here is crystal clear, allowing you to see the parrotfishes.

6. Blue Grotto

Blue Grotto is a paradise with nature all around it. It can be the best picnic spot and also a fantastic diving spot. The only thing essential here is your diving certification. Blue Grotto is safest among all the places for Scuba in Miami.

7. Dry Tortugas Scuba Diving Miami

This place can be a treat to the visitor’s eyes whether you dive in or take a glance from the boat. Marine life is seen here very frequently. The only precaution you need to consider here is to dive in along with an instructor or a friend. It will keep you on a safer side.

These are the seven best locations for Scuba Diving Miami, and every spot has its unique specification that attracts visitors.

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