Top 10 Best Underwater Diving Camera Of 2020

Underwater diving cameras

The best underwater diving cameras allow you to take photos of areas where other cameras cannot reach. A waterproof camera can work well while diving or while surfing on the beach. It also takes excellent shots for undersea adventures. There are many choices for underwater diving cameras, and we have selected the best ones for you. These cameras are sturdy, well-protected, shockproof, crushproof, and freezeproof. So, here are the best underwater diving cameras of 2020.

best underwater diving camera
Best Underwater Diving Camera

Underwater Diving Camera

Olympus Tough TG-6

This camera is as tough as nails without the problem of getting rusty. It comes with a sterling reputation in the waterproof cameras market.  Their specifications are good enough to handle tough conditions, and also offer impressive imaging and amazing video quality. This camera has raw-shooting, 4K-capable TG-6, and some other new features. Furthermore, it has an improved LCD resolution and an underwater microscope mode for close shots. They also have a 25-100 mm optical zoom lens that allows you to get closer to action. The chunky handgrip provides a secure hold on your camera. The internal zoom mechanism ensures that it never protrudes and protects it from bumps and dents. This is a sophisticated camera and currently the very best.

Nikon Coolpix W300

This camera provides 30m waterproofing and is an excellent camera for deeper divers. However, this one is somewhat pricey and does not provide raw shooting. On the other hand, it is the best digital camera that enables shooting at a depth of 30 meters. It comes with a barometer that gives underwater data like depth and altitude, as well as features of an electronic compass. The Bluetooth functionality is quite impressive. It also pairs with Nikon’s SnapBridge technology, which helps faster image transfer. This 4K video addition to its toolkit, and shock proofing of 2.4 m, takes it to a new level.

Amazing underwater diving camera
Amazing Underwater Diving Camera

Ricoh WG-60

This camera is one of the toughest ones with some impressive features and an affordable price. It has a decent zoom range and built-in ring lights. The camera comes with ring lights around the lens that work as torch and a macro light. You can thus see your actions underwater, as well as everything else that is illuminated. The microscope mode in this camera let you focus at really close distances. The handheld night snap captures many images of low-light quickly one after the other. It easily blends them to create blur-free images. The camera can stay submerged in 14 metres of water for 2 hours.

Panasonic FT30

This is a waterproof FT 30 camera that takes perfect stills and videos. It is affordable and comes with a smart design. It has four color options and the lens has very narrow max apertures. This smart digital camera does not offer the best specifications, but you can expect good features with reasonable pricing. It is a slim camera that easily fits in your jeans pocket. However, it’s better to buy a wrist strap with this camera to ensure that it does not float away from you from being so sleek. Also, if you can hold it firmly, it is a solid and versatile waterproof camera that provides an excellent feature to record your deep-sea adventures. Moreover, it has a lower resolution of 720 p. So, you may not get very good video graphics.

Hence, these are some of the best waterproof cameras you might consider buying for your underwater or deep diving adventures.

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