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Titan Company Limited is an Indian fashion accessories business, which mainly produces fashion accessories including jewellery, watches and eyewear. The brand was established by a joint partnership with TIDCO, an Italian watch manufacturing company, and is headquartered at Hosur, Tamilnadu.

Though the markets are now expanding worldwide, it has been impressing the consumers in India with its quality and stylish outlook. In addition to the watches and jewellery, Titan Watches also produces children’s watches and even accessories for the motorcycle riding people.

Wrist Watches For Men, Women And Children

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The company has launched different collections of wrist watches for men, women and children. It has many collections to cater for the needs and preferences of different types of people. Many of the watches in the collections are in platinum or stainless steel with indexes and numerals in diamonds and other precious stones. There are some watches in the collection that have been designed by world famous designers.

The Titan Watches brand had in fact been introduced for the first time during the Indira Gandhi Jayanti in India. This was then followed by the launch of the dress and casual range in Chennai. With the success of these two major products, Titan brand saw the rise of other accessories too. With the growing popularity of these watches brands, its products and the brand value have become synonymous with Indian fashion.

Subsidiary Organisations

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Now Titan Watches is distributed across India by its subsidiary organisations. A recent press release indicates that the second biggest watch brand of India, independent director mr has launched its e-commerce website. This was done in association with the leading online retailers like Amazon, Flipkart, eBay and others. In this website, one can browse through all the collections, buy the items, pay using different payment options, get the gift cards etc. from where one can also make the comparison and purchase the items of their choices.

Since then the website has seen tremendous growth and has seen an influx of customers from all over the world. This was further strengthened when in August this year, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) ordered a large number of Indian wrist watches online. This was seen as another move by the IOC to promote the country’s image and also as an initiative to increase the online purchase of watches from the international community. This initiative is seen as yet another step forward in the journey of rejuvenating the Indian watch market and making it more vibrant and global in terms of service and selection.

International Styling Of Watches

There has been an immense growth in the percentage of sales of Indian-made products in the international styling of watches. These are predominantly powered by quartz technology since the quality and accuracy of these products cannot be questioned. Quartz has now become the choice for most of the major manufacturers in India.

The reason behind the success of quartz wrist watches in the Indian watch market lies in the fact that Indian companies are producing them in bulk and using the latest technology that helps in maintaining the durability and accuracy of the products.


If you have not purchased a Titan watch in the last few months or years, then you must take a quick decision and get yourself one. As per the reviews that we have read, this watch is durable, stylish and offers an assured performance as well. You can get a chance to own a beautiful and innovative wristwatch at an affordable price with this fabulous Indian brand. So if you are planning to invest a large amount for your timepiece, then do consider purchasing a Titan watch online!

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