What Is Underwater Diving Technology Called?

Calculating Air Tank In Scuba Diving

Thousands of years ago, people did underwater diving technology searching for food. In ancient Greece and Rome, people used to dive underwater with the help of hollow stems of a plant during combat or search of food, coral, and other materials from the ocean.

After a thousand years of research and renovations, modern underwater diving technology is now known as Scuba diving.
Freediving or skin diving in modern times requires goggles, breathing tubes, and foot fins. You can use a wet suit or a dry suit, which you can use in the underwater. In the year 1920 to 1930, freediving became famous off the California coast and in the Mediterranean. Guy Gilpatric, the American diver, published the book “The Compleat Goggler” on recreational diving in 1938, made the French naval engineer and diver interested. Then the German Submarining develop the uses of goggles, flippers, and air tube (Snorkel) the device that exhausts and intake air for submarginal operations in the 1930s.

What Is Underwater Diving Called?
What Is Underwater Diving Called?

Popularity Of Underwater Diving

In the year 1943, the sport of scuba diving, or Aqua-Lung diving became popular when Cousteau and Emile Gagnan (the French engineer) develop the first automatic compressed air Aqua-Lung. The entertainment was also popularized due to the development of cameras and photography by Cousteau. The sport in Le Monde du Silence was covered by the cameras and photography and displayed in television and film production in the year 1952, which also popularize the sport.

Countries like France, Canada, Great Britain, Italy, and the United States formed the national associations after the equipment of scuba diving became available. With 15 national organizations, Cousteau established the Confederation Mondiale des Activities Subaquatique (CMAS) in the year 1959.

As the primitive divers hunting fish, food, and coral from the ocean, the scuba divers and skin divers are still shooting with an improvised spear gun. Using underwater cameras became popular for a scientific reason and also for recreational sports. In oceanography (the study of fish, water pollution, and other marine organisms), scuba diving is in high use. Scuba divers also help in the exploration of ships and salvage work.

What Is Underwater Diving Called?
What Is Underwater Diving Called?

Human Instinct

Subconscious flexibility exists in every human being for free diving. Because we know that the first nine months of human life exist in the aquatic environment, similar to ocean water. An infant can instinctively hold his breath for 40 seconds if submerged in water. When we grew older and are capable of walking, we lose this ability. If we can awake this ability, we can survive in great depth, and it is essential for scuba diving.

Modern Research And Equipment

The scientific and technological investigation accelerated the exploration of underwater diving. The study of water pressure on the body was the vital research work of Paul Bert and John Scott Haldane. They were from France and Scotland, respectively. They had a definition the safe limit for compressed air diving.

Now underwater divers can stay a long time in the water due to the advanced technology. Thus, carbon dioxide scrubbers, compressed air pumps, and regulators are essential.

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