Why Should You Learn How To Dive underwater In Final Fantasy XIV

ffxiv dive underwater

The official site of the World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) states that in just one hour of playing the FFXIV Diver you will learn more about nature’s treasures than any other game. That’s quite a statement, but it is true. This is a game that can teach you a lot just by learning a few basics and then spending some time practicing. In fact, many players never even try to get a full grasp of how to use their skills.

The World Wide Fund for Nature or the W WWF as it is commonly known is a non profit organization. Its primary goal is to promote and protect wildlife. Each member is required to contribute a certain amount of money each year towards their various projects. This helps in conserving our natural resources and protecting our flora and fauna from extinction. As you make your contribution to the WWF, you will get special in game bonuses that help you get started with the game.

Purchase Or Membership

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The FFXIV Diver is a special item that is obtainable through purchase or membership. You can purchase the FFXIV Diver at the shop during the start up phase. The shop is located on the map and directly across from the harbor where you started the game. To get there, you will need to travel south a bit and bear left until you come upon a small dock.

Once you have got access to the diving spots, they will offer lessons to you every time you attempt to dive there. These lessons are not very extensive and can be completed in as little as ten minutes. You can continue to dive the spots as many times as you like after completing the lesson. You can also purchase the manuals that will guide you through more detailed processes. You can purchase all of these materials on your first visit as well.

Diving And Staying Alive

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Unlike most games, this one is not about exploring an unknown location but about diving and staying alive. That is why the story is quite different. It is about surviving in a foreign land while having to deal with its hazards such as deep holes, sandbars, monsters and pirates. This is also why the game has a strong dose of fantasy as it is set in a fantasy world. The developers definitely succeeded in creating an exciting underwater setting.

However, the system that keeps players alive is not the only reason to play this game. The challenges in diving come from a system of skills. The first skill that you acquire is called the Diving Focus. This allows you to dive deeper than normal. As you learn more about the game, you can use your Focus to adjust the diving depth as you go deeper.

Diving Reflexes

Another skill that improves as you play the game is the Diving Reflexes. It helps you avoid accidents when diving. Your eyes will not likely be distracted by things underwater, so you won’t have any other divers to worry about. This reflex is important in other games as well, like the Call of Duty and other war-themed titles. As you become better at handling your gun, your dodging abilities will improve as well.

Final Words

When you dive underwater, you need to be aware of what is around you. The environment changes a lot underwater. For this reason, the camera is very useful to check out the surroundings. It will make it easier for you to plan your moves so you do not get lost underwater. The tutorial videos that the developer provides are very helpful as well.

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