Would You Love to Go For A Dive? Check This Refillable Mini Scuba Diving Tank You Would Surely Love!

Everyone has the idea of going on a scuba dive at least once in their lifetime. For those who are aware of it and not, having safety measures like a commitment that will help you breathe through the process is important. While there are many such accessories, the Scuba diver tank is one of the most important ones. There it is a common misconception about the time that it is filled with oxygen. The tank is partly comprised of oxygen and there is nitrogen involved with the mix of carbon dioxide, neon, Helium, and Argon. This tank is a mix of air forms and it is compressed to help the Scuba diver breathe underwater for the amount of time promised. Let us get to know more about the diver tank product that does not come in the traditional format we have seen so far in the market.

Refillable Mini Scuba Diving Tank

The major feature of this Scuba Diving tank is that it is reasonable and smaller compared to other Scuba Diving tanks. A regular tank has a particular weight and it is not possible for everyone to carry that along. This product not only allows you to breathe comfortably underwater but also comes with a constant pressure valve to make sure the air is not wasted. It also increases the timing by 20%. You can carry it anywhere with an elastic fabric tank bag and breathe comfortably underwater for about 12 minutes. Get your refillable Mini Scuba Diving tank at an affordable price right now and carry it anywhere you go and have a wonderful underwater experience and make more memories.


  • Model Number: 300+
  • Product size: 35.2( cm )height X 6( cm )dia
  • Capacity: 0.5L
  • Pressure: 3000 psi/200 bar
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Here are some advantages of having the product. 

  • The product has a pressure of 3000 ps/200 bar.
  • You can easily carry it with an elastic fabric tank bag.
  • It helps you breathe comfortably underwater.
  • The product comes with a constant pressure valve to make sure there is no error wastage.
  • You can also choose from three different colors we have here.
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Let us find out the potential disadvantages of having the product.

  • The tank might be a little costly as compared to the other traditional ones in the market. 
  • The breathing time is 12 minutes long which is why you have to plan carefully before you start using it.


With this portable Mini Scuba Diving tank, you can not only enjoy the underwater activity but also use the same for any underwater photoshoot if need be. With 0.5L capacity, the product works efficiently for the size, and anyone who is finding it difficult to carry a regular Scuba Diving tank can try this out. However, you should find out the time you are going to spend on the water and other to the instructions accordingly to have a safer experience.

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