Your Ticket To Becoming A Diver -

Your Ticket To Becoming A Scuba Schools International Diver

Your Ticket To Becoming A Diver- Scuba Schools International

According to a fact, ninety-seven per cent of the oceans remain unexplored to date. However, with recent technological developments, our exploration capabilities have increased.

Diving itself is gaining popularity as a profession. Divers sometimes stay hundreds of feet down the ocean surface for days at a time. The question is, how do they learn how to survive in these pressurised environments? We have Diving schools and training centres for that. Started in 1970, this organisation owns 35 regional centres and offices along with 2500 licensed dealers across the world

Your Ticket To Becoming A Diver- Scuba Schools International
Your Ticket To Becoming A Diver- Scuba Schools International

Scuba Schools International History

Robert Clark founded the scuba schools international in 1970. Since then, this organisation provided physical training and education to divers. The SSI headquarters are in Colorado, at Fort Collins. On June 1, 2010, the SSI qualified for a Global ISO Certification.

Consequently, their five diver and two instructor programs meet international standards. Also, the SSI certification cards carry the ISO label along with proper ratings. Moreover, this organisation spread across 110 countries in the world. Furthermore, an SSI course that you complete from any of the member countries is valid everywhere.

Scuba Schools International Training Programs

The scuba schools international offer about thirty training programs for divers. However, courses range from snorkelling to advanced, instructor-level courses. For children, the training program for 8-12-year-olds is called Scuba Rangers. Then we have the most basic training programs for adults. These courses are namely the OWD (Open Water Diver) and the AOWD (Advanced Open Water Diver).

Additionally, there is also advanced training for technical divers called the TechXR. Translating to Technical Extended Range, the TechXR includes trimix, decompression diving, and many others. These XR courses further push the limits of the average diver.

However, the list of programs doesn’t end here. The SSI has Dive Leader Training programs such as the Dive Control Specialist and the Open Water Instructor. The courses above are very advanced and created very specifically for instructors.

Your Ticket To Becoming A Diver- Scuba Schools International
Your Ticket To Becoming A Diver- Scuba Schools International

Mission Deep Blue

The Mission Deep Blue is SSI’s initiative to raise awareness on protecting the oceans.

With this program, the SSI wants to ensure that scuba divers are aware of challenges to the environment. Also, they show their contribution to clean it. Additionally, all digital training materials of the scuba schools international comes with the diver code. The code has Mission Deep Blue’s guidelines for making everyone aware of ecological problems.

Furthermore, SSI Dive Centers can upgrade themselves to Mission Deep Blue Centers.

However, for that purpose, the centre must meet specific requirements. Moreover, you can find these requirements in the Mission Deep Blue Dive Center Handbook. These guidelines instruct and assist the dive centres on managing environment-friendly actions.

So, this was all about the most famous dive training agency. Since training that SSI offers even outmatch the international standards. With the Mission Deep Blue, this organisation also aims at making a difference in this world.

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